Figure Skating Coaches

Leslie Chabot

Leslie Chabot

Leslie is a very passionate, dedicated, and committed figure skating instructor. She has been coaching now for 44 years. She loves teaching skaters of all ages and levels both recreational and competitive.

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She is as compassionate about her coaching as she is about helping her skaters achieve their goals weather they are a recreational or completive figure skater. She has had many skaters compete and medal at the USFS Regional, Sectional, National, and Junior Olympic levels of competition. She has also had several ISI World Champions. Leslie understands the importance of achieving and maintaining proficiency in her area of expertise, which is why she strives to expand her knowledge through continuing education and workshops. Leslie believes that figure skating can be a life long sport, full of many life lessons and beautiful experiences for every girl and boy. Leslie loves to teach children of all ages and truly feels it is an honor to be involved in such a beautiful and exciting sport. She teaches groups, semi-privates, singles, power skating, edge classes, moves in the field and choreography. If you are interested in taking lessons with Leslie you may contact her at or (843) 327-5620.

Libbie Chabot

Libbie Chabot-Lundeen

Libbie is an experienced, fun, and energetic Figure Skating Instructor, who has been coaching for 39 years. In her own skating career she earned many regional and sectional medals as a single skater.

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She also earned a National Bronze medal as a junior pair skater with partner Peter Oppegard. Before starting her coaching career she toured with Ice Capades and competed professionally on a team with Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill. Libbie spent her first 7 years as a coach in Minot North Dakota, as Head-Pro, Skating Director & coordinator of the figure skating department. She then moved to Rockford Illinois where she spent 17 years coaching children from beginner levels thru the senior level of figure skating. Many of those children have competed and been medalists at the Regional, Sectional, National and World IIS championships. Her Love for the sport shines thru in her teaching. She teaches groups, singles, pairs, power, edge class, moves in the field, and choreography. If you are interested in lessons with Libbie she can be contacted at or (843) 475-5783.

Charlene Durham

Charlene grew up in Ontario, Canada, and started skating at the age of 3. She competed for 12 years in Canada, both in singles and in ice dance; in singles, she competed up to the junior level, and in ice dance, she competed two years at the junior level at Canadian Nationals. Charlene traveled for 2 years with Disney on Ice, traveling throughout North and South America, then skated for 2 more years in Myrtle Beach, SC at Magic On Ice.

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Charlene enjoys teaching students of all ages with a focus on ice dance as well as artistry, choreography, and building strong skating fundamentals. In addition to private lessons and group lessons, she also teaches beginner and intermediate ice skating for the College of Charleston PALM (Physical Activity and Lifetime Movement) program within the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Additionally, Charlene has her clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy and is a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, she worked for US Figure Skating with the S.T.A.R.S (Standardized Testing of Athleticism to Recognize Skaters) program and High Performance Movement Screen, traveling throughout the northeast and southeast United States performing athlete fitness assessments to competitive figure skaters.

Contact Charlene at

Sandy Lenz Jackson

Two time National Champion and 1980 Olympic Team member.
35 years of teaching experience, specializing in skating skills, freeskate, choreography and hockey skating skills. Building strong basic skills, teaching the theory of how and why edges and body alignment matter.

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If you are interested in taking lessons with Sandy you may contact her at

Tiffaney Kress-Tanner

Tiffaney is a down to earth, positive coach who has been teaching for over 25 years. She has been involved in skating as a competitor, performer, and coach for over 35 years. As a competitor she competed and medaled in local, regional, and sectional competitions.

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She also passed her USFS Gold Moves, Gold Freestyle, 7th Figure, Silver Dance, and Juvenile Pairs Tests before moving on to performing. As a performer, she skated with Dorothy Hamill's Ice Capades. Now, as a coach, she has had many students who passed some of these tests as well. Tiffaney has also had competitors that have been USFS Regional Medalists, local medalists, and ISI World Champions. Her teaching credentials include a PSA Registered Rating in Freestyle and MIF.

In addition to her teaching, she has been the Artistic and Technical Director for numerous local ice shows including the 3 years with the Boot Skating' Benefit for St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Rockford, IL. Through these shows she has worked with Victor Petrenko, Surya Bonaly, Yuka Sato, and Phillipe Candelloro. Originally from Illinois, Tiffaney completed her Bachelor's Degree once moving to Charleston with an emphasis on Costume and Set Design. She teaches freestyle, moves, choreography, dance, pairs, and group and uses a positive approach to her teaching, striving to adapt her teaching style to best meet the needs of each individual student so that each child feels special and their individual goals are first and foremost. With the ultimate goal, of course, to be that each student learns to love skating as a lifetime sport! Contact Tiffaney at

Corey Mjaatvedt

Corey began skating at age 8 in Ogden, Utah and trained there and at the Sun Valley Skating School in Idaho. He grew up in a family of skaters; his sister is also a coach and his mother, niece, and wife are also judges.

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Corey competed in both regional and sectional USFS qualifying competitions and was Central Pacific Coast silver dance champion in 1971. He was previously director of skating in Ogden, Utah and has coached at Sun Valley, Salt Lake City, and the Ice Club of Baltimore. He has passed 3 Pre-Gold dance tests (standard track) and his most notable moments have been partnering his daughter Megan, through her dance tests. Corey teaches ice dancing, edge classes, and footwork classes. Contact Corey at

Stacey Mons

Stacey Mons

FIGURE SKATING DIRECTOR, CAROLINA ICE PALACE - Stacey has been the Figure Skating Director at the Ice Palace for 14 years. She began teaching in Charleston in 1998 when the rink first opened.

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Just coming off a 7-year professional skating tour with Disney on Ice, Holiday on Ice in Europe, Magic on Ice, and Snoopy on Ice, she decided to put the suitcases away and settle down in Charleston. Stacey holds ratings from the Professional Skaters Association in Moves in the Field and Freestyle. In addition, she teaches choreography, power skating, off-ice classes, and hockey skating. With two teenage sons that play hockey, Stacey loves helping players improve their game by developing skating skills. Contact Stacey at or 843.572.2717 ext 5906.

Christine Newkirk

Christine is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Figures (Junior Freestyle) and has been coaching for over 28 years. As a competitive skater, she represented the Rye Figure Skating Club, NY and Southern CT FSC at the North Atlantic and New England Regional Championships, respectively. Christine trained under Canadian medalist Frances Gold Lind.

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Her students have passed up to Junior Moves in the Field, and she has taken skaters to competitions throughout the Northeast. Christine teaches Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Power Hockey. This is her second year at the Carolina Ice Palace and the FSC of Charleston.

In addition, Christine is a graduate of Columbia University, Teachers College where she received her EdM in International Education/Curriculum and Teaching. She taught at Darien Public Schools in CT for over 25 years before moving to Charleston. When she’s not coaching skating, Christine works at Porter Gaud as a tutor.

Debbie Rosenbaum

Debbie began skating at the age of 9 at the Broadmoor Figure Skating Club in Colorado Springs, CO and has been teaching since 1998 as a professional. She holds a BS in Business Management with a minor in Computer Science from Radford University, and currently is an Adjunct Professor for the College of Charleston Ice Skating Classes.

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She has coached her students through United State Figure Skating Tests as well as Regional Competitions. Debbie’s style of teaching is “make it fun so that long after the lesson is over the student will continue to skate." Debbie instructs in many styles and disciplines of skating to include: Freestyle (Spins, Jumps and Edges), Moves in the Field, Power Skating. Additionally, she offers Off-Ice Conditioning. Debbie belongs to the Professional Skater’s Association (PSA) and is a Rated Coach in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. Have a hockey player that wants to get better at skating? Debbie is also a PSA Accredited Power Skating Hockey Instructor. Contact Debbie at or (843) 324-8948.

Katie Ross

Katie has been involved in skating as a competitor and coach for 19 years. She began teaching so that she could share her love of skating with others using an upbeat and encouraging attitude. If you are interested in taking lessons with Katie you may contact her at

Jennifer Schultz

 Jennifer (Jenny) has been coaching for over 15 years. She grew up skating in Tulsa, OK then continued to train, compete, and started coaching in the Kansas City area while attending school at the University of Kansas.

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She ran the learn to skate program in Kansas City for several years and performed and directed many ice shows. She has a strong passion for choreography, artistry, and theater on ice. She left her theater on ice team in Kansas City when she moved to St. Louis for her husband’s job. She also loves to work with hockey players on developing their skating skills. While in St. Louis, MO she worked with the Little Blues organization. She believes that skating should be fun for everyone and believes in lifelong learning. She loves to work with skaters of all ages. She is currently PSA-rated in both freestyle and group lessons. In addition to coaching, she is a doctor of physical therapy and has a B.A. in Dance. She has taught off ice conditioning and injury prevention to skaters in the past and has also worked with US figure skating with the S.T.A.R.S. program. She offers on and off ice lessons. She takes students to competitions and through US figure skating tests. If you are interested in taking lessons with Jennifer (Jenny) you may contact her at 785-312-4629 or

Andrea Dickerson

Andrea began skating around the age of 7 and grew up competing at competitions. She knew that she wanted to share her love of skating and began coaching in the LTS program at the Carolina Ice Palace. Andrea has been coaching for over 10 years.  She is a fun and energetic coach who loves to work with skaters of all ages. For more information, please contact Andrea at or 843-509-8692

Rocky Marval

Rocky is a 2-time US National Pairs Champion, 3- time World Team and 1992 Olympic Team member. He has 28 years of coaching experience at the national, international and world level and has a Professional Skaters Association Level IV ranking. He specializes in freestyle, pairs, moves in the field and hockey power skating at all levels. For more information, please contact Rocky at (609) 668-0189.

Isabelle Brasseur

Isabelle is a 5-time Canadian National Pairs Champion, 5-time World Medalist, World Champion and 2-time Olympic Bronze Medalist. She has 20 years of coaching experience at the national, international and world level and a Professional Skaters Association Level IV ranking. She specializes in freestyle, pairs, moves in the field and choreography, at all levels. For more information, please contact Isabelle at (609) 864-3548.