Junior Board

Our current Junior Board members are Paula Grace Schmitt and Emmalyn Hubert.

Responsibilities of Junior Board Members:

Bulletin Board

  • Every 3 months we will update the flyers and pictures on the bulletin boards at the rink.
  • The board will be updated in August, November, February, and May.

Bake Sales

  • They will organize bake sales, including baking parties, for larger events such as the CIP's Frozen Skate Party, Charleston Open and National Skating Month in January.

Learn to Skate

  • They will pass out flyers at Learn to Skate lessons to promote the Figure Skating Club of Charleston.
  • They will encourage other club members to help with Learn to Skate to promote collaboration with the Carolina Ice Palace.

Club Public Skates

  • Every two months we will plan to have all the members of the FSCC join us for a public skate on Saturday after freestyles where everyone can have fun and wear their club merchandise! After skating, skaters can get together to discuss how skating is going for everyone.
  • Our club public skate will be held in July, September, November, March, and May.


  • We will design and deliver invitations to all club members for the events mentioned above.