FSCC Membership Options

Membership Renewal is Open for 2023-2024 Season.


The FSCC membership year runs July 1 to June 30.

Applications for new membership and renewal begin on June 1.

The FSCC does not prorate membership.

Please note that the membership process is not an automatic process; allow for a least one-two weeks for membership processing.

Membership Handbook

Parent Education Series

First Skater full membership provides:

  • Full membership with the Figure Skating Club of Charleston (FSCC) and U.S. Figure Skating (USFSA) for one skater (adult or child skate/no age restriction)
    • If the skater is under 18, a parent must join the club with them.
  • Eligibility to compete and test
  • Two Free Social Events Plus Multiple Other Social Opportunities
  • The Opportunity to Purchase a Club Jacket
  • Skating Magazine Subscription
  • Voting and board member rights for members over 18 years old
  • Seminars/Educational opportunities (may be additional cost involved)

Cost is $195/Year. 1st-year introductory price is $145.

**There is a 10 hour volunteer requirement for each family, or 5 hour volunteer requirement for individual members per year. A $250 buyout is available if you are unable to meet your volunteer requirements.**


Subsequent Skater (within family) membership is required if skater is under 18.

-Cost $145/year


Non-Skater (Parent) membership is required if skater is under 18.

-Cost $35/year


Aspire membership is an opportunity for USFS Basic Skills members training in the learn-to-skate program at the Carolina Ice Palace to expand their horizons by joining the Figure Skating Club of Charleston.

  • Full USFS membership
  • Eligibility to participate in Aspire programming
  • Eligibility to participate in Compete USA and Aspire competitive levels. Permitted competition levels with this membership are:
    • Preliminary and lower
    • Adult bronze and lower
  • Eligibility to take the following introductory tests:
    • Pre-preliminary skating skills and singles
    • Adult Pre-bronze skating skills and singles
    • The twelve preliminary dances (partner lead, partner follow, solo lead and solo follow)
  • Does NOT include FSCC Club Ice
  • No club seminars
  • CAN participate in parties
  • Club Ice can be added on for an additional $60 (this will be an option in Entryeeze)
  • No parent membership required UNLESS the parent would like to vote

-Cost is $50/year


FSCC Alumni

  • Includes full USFS membership
  • Does NOT include FSCC Club Ice
  • Includes Skating Magazine Subscription

-Cost is $70/year


Collegiate membership allows college students to enjoy USFSA membership for four years by paying a one-time fee. Membership chair may ask to see the yearly transcripts as proof.

-Cost is $160 for the four years.

*Club Ice is not included in the pricing of this membership. An additional $60 add-on fee is required for Club Ice.*


Associate membership is good for members of another club who wish to test as an FSCC member. Associate members do not receive FSCC discount on Seminars.

-Cost is $60/year.


Coach or Official membership is for coaches who teach at the Carolina Ice Palace.

-Cost is $70/year.



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