Get Involved

Members are encouraged to get involved with the club in any way they can! Volunteer, offer your skills and services, join a committee or something else, our club is more successful when our members participate and promote figure skating in the Lowcountry.


Because the FSCC is a volunteer-run organization, we depend on the contributions of all families. Therefore, we ask each skating family to volunteer to help during the skating year with activities.

 Volunteering Opportunities

There are numerous volunteer opportunities with the Figure Skating Club of Charleston. These include the following positions:

  • Board of Directors: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Members at Large
  • Testing: Test Chair, Assistant Test Chair
  • Competition: Competition Chair, Assistant Competition Chair
  • Fundraising: Fundraising Committee Chair, Committee Members, Spirit Night, Skate Resale
  • Membership: Membership Chair, Junior Board Coordinator
  • Hospitality: Hospitality Chair, Awards Banquet, Guests/Judges/Referees
  • Communications: Webmaster, Email Coordinator
  • Skatesafe: Skatesafe Committee Chair, Assistant SafeSport Chair, SafeSport Compliance
  • Volunteer: Committee Chair, Volunteer Compliance

Volunteer Policy

The Figure Skating Club of Charleston (FSCC) is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to support the function of our club.  Like most clubs, FSCC depends on these volunteers to carry out club activities in a safe and cost-effective manner. Accordingly, the club requires that all of its families contribute their time and talents to the operation of the club and conducting the events that support our club skaters and the goals of the FSCC.

Volunteers are an integral part of the FSCC. Without the dedication and support of our members, the FSCC would not continue to operate and provide services to our skaters and families. To ensure responsibilities are equitability spread among members, the Board of Directors adopted this volunteer policy. This policy applies to all full members of the club. However, we can accommodate those members who cannot dedicate their time, with a monetary donation to the club as a “buy-out”.

Please keep in mind that not all volunteers have to be adults. Skaters 10 years and older can volunteer their time, while also setting a good example for our young skaters.


Per our Bylaws (Article VIII, Section 5), FSCC has a Volunteer Requirement. The required volunteer hours are: 5 hours per individual skater (or one parent/family member if skater is under age of 18), or 10 hours per family (if the membership includes two or more skaters). Alternatively, there is a buyout of $100 that will be assessed at the end of the membership year and must be paid before a membership renewal will be accepted.


Members will have the option to “buy out” volunteer hours at the time of renewing or initiating membership for an amount of $100. This will be considered a $100 donation to the FSCC and the account will be noted as a volunteer buy-out for the year.


The US Center for SafeSport’s Response and Resolution office has issued a SafeSport Code. The US Center for SafeSport has established training and education policies, which set the minimum training requirements and policies for limiting one on one interactions and other proactive NGB organization policies to prevent abuse and misconduct.  Parents can take a free training course to be SkateSafe compliant. However, adults who have regular contact with amateur athletes, who are minors, are required to complete core training. For more information, please go to


Announcements of opportunities and needs for volunteers will be communicated in Club emails, newsletters, and online.

When volunteering for an event, there will be an online sign-up form to log and track your volunteer hours. It is the responsibility of each individual to sign the volunteer sheet for the event or confirm check-in with the host of the event to confirm credit is received.  Volunteer opportunities include specific needs of the club for events such as exhibitions, social events, competitions, or fundraisers.
*Please note there will be a volunteer sign-in sheet for larger events such as CHOP and the annual Christmas show.

Volunteer hours are logged by the Volunteer Coordinator through EntryEeze. Members can check within their EntryEeze account how many hours they have, steps include: logging into EntryEeze, navigating to the Volunteer Tab, then "My Volunteer Hours." Confirm you are looking at the right membership year for your total hours for that year.

If you have questions about how many hours you have earned throughout the year, you may contact our Volunteer Chair or Membership chair.


A family who does not fulfill their volunteer requirement is required to pay the buy-out price of $100 before the end of the skating season or they will not be allowed to participate in upcoming FSCC sponsored events such as test sessions, club ice, etc. until payment is received. In addition, failure to pay the buy-out amount may result in the FSCC member being marked “not in good standing”. We value you as a member but there will be no exceptions, as we must pay USFSA for your membership to our club.


Volunteers who sign up, but fail to report or fulfill their hours create disruption at an event. If a member cannot fulfill a volunteer commitment, no volunteer credit will be granted. A replacement volunteer should be found by the member and the Volunteer Coordinator notified of the replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, the Volunteer Coordinator should be notified with as much advance notice as possible. Repeated no-show offenses may result in the member being marked “not in good standing” with FSCC and no longer eligible for volunteering.  Outside of unforeseen emergent circumstances, no show volunteers who do not notify the Volunteer Coordinator in advance or provide a replacement may be assessed before any further volunteer hours are granted at the discretion of the FSCC Board.