FSCC Membership Options

The FSCC membership year runs July 1 to June 30.

Applications for new membership and renewal begin on June 1.

The FSCC does not prorate membership.


Membership Renewals - COVID-19 Update

The rink has fully reopened!

The remainder of your membership dues are due by October 15, 2020.

TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP please visit FSC of Charleston Page's on Entryeeze.


Due to COVID-19 the club will be making two accommodations this membership year to assist everyone in keeping their status current.

1-We will be renewing memberships at the flat rate that we are required to pay to the USFSA. Once the rink re-opens and future plans become more certain we will require the remainder of our regular priced dues to keep membership current.  This portion of our dues is what will keep our club running, and able to offer test session, the spinner, seminars and social events in the future.

2-We will also be waiving the volunteer requirements and/or $100 buyout for the 2019-2020 membership year. Due to COVID-19 we realize that many of our volunteer opportunities were not available.

Thank you to all that have volunteered this past year!  We will reinstate our volunteer policy as soon as volunteer opportunities become available.

Applicable Codes of Conduct and Waiver & Release Forms are REQUIRED with the membership application. You will be asked to sign these electronically as part of the online registration/renewal process.


View our Member Handbook.


First Skater full membership provides:

  • Full membership with the Figure Skating Club of Charleston (FSCC) and U.S. Figure Skating (USFSA) for one skater (adult or child skate/no age restriction)
    • If the skater is under 18, a parent must join the club with them.
  • Eligibility to compete and test
  • Two Free Social Events Plus Multiple Other Social Opportunities
  • The Opportunity to Purchase a Club Jacket
  • Skating Magazine Subscription
  • Voting and board member rights for members over 18 years old
  • Seminars/Educational opportunities (may be additional cost involved)

Cost is $125/Year. 1st-year introductory price is $75.

**There is a 10 hour volunteer requirement for each family or 5 hour volunteer requirement for individual members per year. A $100 buyout is available if you are unable to meet your volunteer requirements.**


Subsequent Skater (within family) membership is required if skater is under 18.

-Cost $75/year


Non-Skater (Parent) membership is required if skater is under 18.

-Cost $25/year


Social membership is an opportunity for USFS Basic Skills members training in the learn-to-skate program at the Carolina Ice Palace to expand their horizons by joining the Figure Skating Club of Charleston.

  • 2 Free social events
  • The Opportunity to Purchase a Club Jacket
  • His/Her Pictures on FSCC Wall
  • Renewable while in Basic Skills
  • No discounted coupons/seminars
  • Ineligible to test
  • No parent membership required as voting privileges are not extended to Social members
  • We do not file Social members with USFSA
    • Skaters are required to keep their membership status current

-Cost is $50/year.


Collegiate membership allows college students to enjoy USFSA membership for four years by paying a one-time fee. Membership chair may ask to see the yearly transcripts as proof.

-Cost is $130 for the four years.


Associate membership is good for members of another club who wish to test as an FSCC member. Associate members do not receive FSCC discount on Freestyle Coupons or Seminars.

-Cost is $50/year.


Coach or Offical membership is for coaches who teach at the Carolina Ice Palace.

-Cost is $60/year.



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