A Message from Our Board

Dear Skaters, Parents, and Coaches,

Our club members achieved a lot in twelve months. Some passed Senior Moves test, or landed their Axel and double jumps. Some learned their first piece of ice dance. Some broke a bone or two and came back. Some were working hard in college and returned during breaks. Some joined our club from out of town because we have great coaches and a great facility.

We look forward to sharing the excitement with you. 2018 is going to be a busy year, especially as the 2018 Winter Olympics begin in February. This increased awareness and interest in ice sports like figure skating and hockey is important because it allows us to share our passion with newcomers.

We appreciate your support of our club. Thank you for your love for this sport.

Happy Skating,
The Figure Skating Club of Charleston Board of Directors

Board Members


Nicole Forbes-Schmitt

Vice President

Vandy Inman


Katy Mullis


Megan Hume

Test Chair



Ainsley Dyson

Members At Large

Amber Pomranky

Jill Minor

Tiffaney Tanner

Stacey Mons

Jessica Spring

Junior Board Members

Bayla Landy

Sophie Flatt