The Figure Skating Club of Charleston conducted a test session February 10th and 11th, 2017.  Great job skaters!  Congratulations!  A special congratulations to Emma Jackson, who passed her Senior Free Skate and Alena Ottley, who passed her Senior Moves in the Field!


Aliki Magee – Intermediate Moves in the Field

Bayla Landy – Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field, Preliminary Free Skate

Cadie Halbert – Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Caroline Wright – Novice Moves in the Field, 14 Step, Intermediate Free Dance (with Chance Austin)

Chance Austin – 14 Step, Intermediate Free Dance (with Caroline Wright)

Chloe Lee – Preliminary Moves in the Field, Swing Dance

Christian Koppenhoffer – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate, Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field, Preliminary Free Skate

Elizabeth Lee – Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, Juvenile Free Skate, Dutch Waltz, Canasta, Rhythm & Blues

Ella Longval – Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

Emmalyn Hubert – Juvenile Moves in the Field

Evie Inman – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate, Preliminary Moves in the Field

Katy Ho – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Rachel Brown – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate, Preliminary Moves in the Field

Rachel Koppenhoffer – Adult Silver Free Skate, 14 Step, European, Foxtrot